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Bike Packing Journey

Riding a 25 to 30kms bike alone with the bag pack from the extreme south of the country with the elevation of 1200mts above sea level to 4000mts isn’t a easy task for Ultra-cyclist as well.
Bike-packing in Bhutan is much challenging being situated in mountainous region.

Bike packing trip covering approximately 1000 km in 10 days isn’t as easy as covering 100kms a day in plain and favorable climatic condition sound very easy where as Bhutan being a mountainous country and the air here would very scant with vertical uphill and thrilling downhill in a challenging weather will make it more challenging and adventurous.

Climbing would always tough but the view would worth a million dollars. There are various point which gives you a stunning view. When you go for a Bike packing trip in Bhutan firstly, you need be very particular with the timing because Bhutan being a land-locked and mountainous country the day light would very short so therefore time management is very important.

Camping in the middle of no where would be less challenging because all you need is the water which is freely available everywhere.

Riding in traffic would be easy due to the strict law set by the Traffic division of Bhutan.
So if you really want to do a bike packing trip then Bhutan would be the destination that you choose.