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About Us

BikeoHolic’,  ‘Bike’ refers to a bicycle that you desire/own, ‘Holic’ refers to sense of addiction to it in the extreme level. Bikeoholic is the addiction to one’s bicycle in the extreme level. 

Bikeoholic Bhutan a cute little bike repair shop was initially set up in the year 2017 for those enthusiastic local riders. It was intended to help keep the patience of every cyclist alive. It was also to encourage people about bicycle and its fun world. 

Bikeoholic Bhutan, today not only gave inspiration to passionate bicycle riders but also helped many achieve their dreams of riding bicycle. Apart from being the key source of inspiration, the shop started doing multi-tasking such as repair and bikes rental services.

Don’t let the expectations and ideas of others limit who you are and what is your decision. Do what makes you feel alive. We the Bikeoholic Bhutan Team welcomes all our enthusiastic riders to avail the services. 

Starting this year,  Bikeoholic Bhtan officially have its official web site. We are starting with a basic tour operating agency mainly to give test of Bhutanese Biking culture through its thick mash forest on traditional ancient trails with rich History behind.